Frequently Asked Questions

In inviajes we stand out for being transparent, for this reason we are always talking with our allies, members and interested partners, in order to provide the greatest possible transparency in everything we do, besides we like to hear the demands of our users and to carry out their improvements related to enjoy more of our services.

It is important that you know these advantages because you have 14 days trial to get to know the system thoroughly and if you are not satisfied we will refund 100% of your money without questions or cumbersome forms. This refund is guaranteed by our professional code of ethics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay a membership fee if I only want to offer tours?

Yes, depending on the type of license you purchase you will have to obtain a membership fee which has different prices (please take the prices from the table that the representative who invited you has in his possession).

What is Family +?

Family plus, is the membership that has been formed for couples or the family group created by the father, mother and children up to 18 years, with this we seek that families can also travel at economical prices.

The Family + membership; father, mother and children up to 18 years of age allows children between 18 and 21 years of age to pay only 50% of the cost of their own membership.

Do I have to renew my license annually?
Yes, your license is renewed annually and has a predetermined value depending on whether you are a promoter, pro.viajero, viajero or promotor empresarial.

How long do I have to save for?

Our savings plan is designed for 10 months, but you can save as long as you want, the more you save the bigger your trip can be and the greater your travel benefits will be.

If I stop saving, do I lose my money?

No, if you stop saving for 3 months your account will be deactivated, and you will be able to request a transferable coupon for the value of your savings, so that another person can register in the Club with the amount already paid by you (More details with the promoter you trust).

Can I travel cheaply if I have only paid for one month?

Yes, you can travel even if you have only paid for the first month, but take into account that this is only allowed if you have just registered in the Club and the tour of your choice only starts the month after your registration.

Advantages of the Club

- Travel at a better price
- Make friends while you travel
- Your trip is organized from door to door. "You pack your own suitcase ;-)"
- V.I.P. treatment at frequent flyer prices
- and many more details with the promoter you trust.

Do I have to live in Hamburg to qualify for the Savings plan?

You can save from anywhere in the world, with your registration within the platform, you can review the payment methods we have, among them you can make your savings with credit cards, bank deposits, international transfers or pay in cash at any of our active affiliates for this purpose.

(Extra) For residents in Latin America the payment of your minor savings (More details with the promoter of your confidence).

What guarantee is there that the scheduled tours will take place?

We have a guarantee from the agencies we work with both nationally and internationally, in case of major forces, such as earthquakes, sunamis, pandemics, areas closed by the government of the country, pests, bankruptcy of tourism companies, your tour will be reorganized by the one you choose as long as it meets the amount of the tour. It is important that you keep in mind that your money is not lost for any of these reasons, since we provide security and guarantee the protection of your savings.

Can I travel first and pay later?

No, unfortunately this option is not contemplated since our economic prices are given thanks to the purchase of the tours up to 14 months in advance and these purchases are made with the savings we have in advance.

We invite you to be part of our promoters and earn money for each friend or family member who travels with us thanks to your management, or to gather a group and become a host, this way you save on your trips or even travel for free.

Learn more about us in our virtual meetings where you will get to know the destination from the hand of our hosts of the country presented, or in person in our theme nights where you will enjoy typical dishes of the country to visit.