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General Information About BIKING - ROAD OF DEATH

Visiting and cycling the Death Road in Bolivia, an exciting option for adventure and adrenaline lovers. This legendary road, also known as "The Road of the Yungas", offers an experience combined with breathtaking scenery, a dose of challenge and excitement.

The Camino de la Muerte is famous for its history and reputation as one of the most dangerous roads in the world. However, in recent years it has emerged as a popular destination for intrepid cyclists seeking an unparalleled experience. This winding road descends through the Andean mountains and offers spectacular panoramic views of lush rainforest and dizzying cliffs.

The thrill of biking the Camino de la Muerte lies in the challenge it presents. The road has steep grades, sharp curves and narrow stretches, requiring riding skills and concentration. However, tour companies usually provide experienced guides and safety equipment to ensure a safe and controlled experience.

In addition to the thrill of cycling itself, the Camino de la Muerte offers an immersion in Bolivia's natural beauty. Along the way, cyclists can enjoy panoramic views of waterfalls, rivers and dense tropical vegetation. The route also passes through small villages and local communities, providing an opportunity to interact with Bolivia's traditional culture and lifestyle.

Another highlight of this adventure is the sense of accomplishment and self-improvement experienced upon completion of the ride. The combination of the thrill of cycling in a challenging environment full of scenic beauty, creating an unforgettable experience that leaves a lasting impression in the memory of travelers.

It is important to keep in mind that while the Camino de la Muerte can be exciting, it also involves certain risks. For this reason, it is essential to follow the instructions and recommendations of the tour guides, use appropriate safety equipment, and take into account the weather and road conditions.

In summary, visiting and biking the Death Road in Bolivia is an exciting option for those seeking an experience full of adventure, natural beauty and self-improvement. Crossing this legendary road by bicycle offers a unique perspective of the impressive geography of Bolivia, a dose of adrenaline that will make this experience an unforgettable memory.



• Arrival in Bolivia, international connection. 

• Transfer to the hotel, dinner and rest. 


• Breakfast and departure to the summit to start the descent by bike through the Camino de la Muerte.

• Free time for lunch and swimming pool.

• In the afternoon, return to the city of La Paz, dinner and rest.


• Breakfast and departure to Copacabana. 

• Totora raft ride and visit Totora museum. 

• Then, boat crossing through the Tiquina Strait. 

• Free time for lunch.

• In the afternoon, navigation on Lake Titicaca to Isla del Sol.

• Transfer to the hotel, dinner and rest.


• Breakfast and later departure to Puerto Yumani.

• Visit to the Garden of the Incas, Fountain of Youth and Inca Stairs.

• Navigation on the lake towards Copacabana.

• Free time for lunch.

• In the afternoon, departure to the city of La Paz.

• Transfer to the hotel, dinner and rest.


• Breakfast and departure to Tiwanaku.

• Visit to Akapana pyramidal temple, semi-subterranean temple where the nailed heads are located.

• Tour of the temple and astronomical observatory.

• Continuation with the visit to the attractions of: Puerta del Sol, Monolito Ponce, Monolito Fraile, Puerta de la Luna, among others.

• Free time for lunch and comparison of local handicrafts.

• Return to the city of La Paz, dinner.

• In the evening, departure to Uyuni approx 21:30 by land.


• Arrival to Uyuni, breakfast.

• Visit to the train cemetery.

• Departure to Colchani (salt handicrafts) and free time to buy salt handicrafts.

• Photographs in perspective at the Dakar Monument and Plaza de las Banderas.

• Set up of tables and chairs for lunch outdoors in the salt flat.

• Visit to the Hotel Playa Blanca (museum) and stairway to heaven.

• Tour of the Incahuasi Island (giant cactus, coral window).

• Appreciation of the sunset on the edge of the salt flat.

• Transfer to the lodge, dinner and rest.


• Breakfast and departure to observe the sunrise at the edge of the Thunupa Volcano.

• Visit to the Coquesa Mummies and space for lunch.

• Tour to the Chiquini Cave.

• Return to Uyuni and departure to La Paz.


• Arrival to La Paz.

• Breakfast.

• Transfer to the airport.

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• Flight Santa Cruz - La Paz - Santa Cruz.

• Transfer IN OUT.

• Bus La Paz - Uyuni - La Paz.

• Boat Copacabana-Isla-Copacabana / Tiquina Strait Crossing / Totora reed raft.

• Double suspension bicycles.

• 2 nights trip from La Paz to Uyuni and return.

• 3 nights in La Paz.

• 1 night in Copacabana.

• 1 night in Uyuni.

• 7 breakfasts.

• 6 lunches.

• 7 dinners.

• Professional guides.

• Entrance to all the mentioned attractions.

• Permanent assistance of our staff.


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