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General Information About SUCRE: POTOSI & LA PAZ

A visit to the departments of Chuquisaca, Potosi and La Paz in Bolivia is an excellent option for those who wish to immerse themselves in the rich history, vibrant culture and breathtaking natural beauty of this South American country. These destinations offer a unique combination of attractions, highlighting the possibility of practicing the exciting activity of snow climbing.

The department of Chuquisaca, with its capital Sucre, is known as the cradle of Bolivia's independence. This charming colonial city offers a tranquil atmosphere and impressive architecture. Visitors can stroll its cobblestone streets, visit museums and enjoy the beautiful Plaza 25 de Mayo. In addition, Sucre's surroundings boast mountains and snow-capped peaks that provide opportunities for snow climbing and breathtaking panoramic views.

The department of Potosí is home to one of Bolivia's most important historical treasures: Cerro Rico. This mountain, famous for its vast silver mines, is a living testimony to the country's colonial past. Visitors can explore the mines and learn about the harsh reality of the miners. In addition, the city of Potosí boasts a UNESCO World Heritage Site historic center with impressive colonial churches and museums that tell the story of the region's history and wealth. Potosí's surroundings also offer opportunities for snow climbing, with mountains that challenge the adventurous and provide panoramic views of the mountainous landscape.

The department of La Paz, with its bustling city of the same name, is Bolivia's political and commercial center. This unique, high-altitude city offers a fascinating blend of modernity and tradition. Visitors can explore the lively Witches' Market, visit the impressive Museum of Contemporary Art and enjoy the city's rich gastronomic scene. In addition, La Paz's surrounding mountains, such as the majestic Illimani, offer snow climbing opportunities, allowing adventurers to test their skills and enjoy spectacular views of the city and its surroundings.

Snow climbing in these three Bolivian departments provides an exciting and challenging experience for adventure lovers. The beauty and majesty of the mountainous landscapes, combined with the thrill of conquering heights, create lasting memories and a sense of personal accomplishment. It is important to keep in mind that snow climbing requires skills and previous experience, as well as the proper equipment. It is recommended to have professional guides and to take all necessary precautions to ensure safety.

Zusammenfassend lässt sich sagen, dass ein Besuch der Departements Chuquisaca, Potosi und La Paz in Bolivien eine bereichernde Erfahrung darstellt, die Geschichte, Kultur und Naturschönheiten miteinander verbindet. Die Möglichkeit des Schneekletterns in diesen Regionen macht das Abenteuer noch aufregender und herausfordernder.



• Arrival in Bolivia, international connection.

• Connecting flight to Sucre.

• Transfer to the hotel, dinner and rest.


• Breakfast and then start of the tour of the city center.

• Visit to the Supreme Court of Justice.

• Free time for lunch.

• Visit to the Glorieta Castle.

• Transfer to the hotel, dinner and rest.


• Breakfast and departure to Cretaceous Park.

• Lunch and in the afternoon free time for shopping.

• Departure to Potosi.

• Transfer to the hotel, dinner and rest.


• Breakfast and then start the tour of the city center.

• Visit to the Cerro Rico and the main square of Potosi.

• Free time for lunch.

• Walk around the surroundings and dinner.

• In the evening, departure to Uyuni.

• Transfer to the hotel and rest.


• Breakfast and departure to the train cemetery.

• Departure to Colchani (salt handicrafts) and free time to buy salt handicrafts.

• Photographs in perspective at the Dakar Monument and the Plaza de las Banderas.

• Set up of tables and chairs for lunch outdoors in the salt flat.

• Visit to the Hotel Playa Blanca (museum) and stairway to heaven.

• Tour of the Incahuasi Island (giant cactus, coral window).

• Appreciation of the sunset on the edge of the salt flat.

• Transfer to the lodge, dinner and rest.


• Breakfast and departure to the natural viewpoint of Ollagüe Volcano.

• Visit to the lagoons of: Cañapa, Hedionda and Charcota.

• Set up tables and chairs for lunch outdoors in the salt flat.

• Tour of the Siloli Desert.

• In the afternoon, visit to the Stone Tree and Laguna Colorada.

• Transfer to the lodge, dinner and rest.


• Breakfast and departure to Sol de Mañana Geysers (Fumarolas).

• Free time to enjoy the hot springs.

• Visit to Salvador de Dali Desert.

• Tour to Laguna Verde, Laguna Blanca, Villamar and the Valley of the Rocks.

• Visit to the community of San Cristobal and time for lunch.

• Return to Uyuni and departure to La Paz.


• Arrival to La Paz.

• Breakfast and departure to the city center.

• Visit Plaza Murillo, Cathedral and Government Palace, located at km 0.

• Then, departure to San Francisco Church and Killi killi viewpoint.

• Free time to buy handicrafts at the Witches Market and lunch.

• Tour of the Valley of the Moon.

• Transfer to the hotel, dinner and rest.


• Breakfast and departure to Tiwanaku.

• Visit to Akapana pyramidal temple, semi-subterranean temple where the nailed heads are located.

• Tour of the temple and astronomical observatory.

• Continuation with the visit to the attractions of: Puerta del Sol, Monolito Ponce, Monolito Fraile, Puerta de la Luna, among others.

• Free time for lunch and comparison of local handicrafts.

• Return to the city of La Paz.

• Transfer to the hotel, dinner and rest.

DAY 10

• Breakfast and departure to Copacabana.

• Totora raft ride and visit Totora museum.

• Then, crossing by boat through the Tiquina Strait.

• Free time for lunch in Copacabana.

• Departure to Sampaya (straw constructions).

• In the afternoon, navigation on Lake Titicaca to the Isla del Sol.

• Visit to the Garden of the Incas, Fountain of Youth and Inca Stairs.

• Navigation on the lake towards Copacabana.

• Transfer to the hotel, dinner and rest.

DAY 11

• Breakfast, visit to the basilica and main square of Copacabana.

• Free time for lunch in Copacabana.

• Walk around.

• Return to the city of La Paz.

• Transfer to the hotel, dinner and rest.

DAY 12

• Breakfast and departure to Rurrenabaque.

• Transfer to the hotel, dinner and rest.

DAY 13

• Concentration of the group and later departure to Santa Rosa.

• Free time for lunch.

• Departure from Santa Rosa to the Yacuma River.

• Tour on the Yacuma River by boat to the lodge and accommodation.

• Walk to watch the sunset.

• Buffet dinner.

• Night tour on the river by boat.

• Return to the hotel, dinner and rest.

DAY 14

• Breakfast and departure for a walk through the pampas to the lagoons.

• Free time for lunch.

• Departure to observe pink dolphins, swim and take pictures.

• Transfer to the hotel, dinner and rest.

DAY 15

• Early in the morning, departure to enjoy the sunrise.

• Return to the lodge and buffet breakfast.

• Walk around the area.

• Free time for lunch.

• Return to Rurrenabaque and departure to Santa Cruz.

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